First establish your own health

Dr. Pang:

I think it’s best not to introduce [the theory and concepts of] this practice in the beginning.  The more you talk about qigong as miraculous, powerful, extraordinary, the more difficult it is for people to accept it.  Even in China, I only introduce teaching that is close to people’s real experience, something they can actually use.  So I say, first talk about qigong as a cultivation to cure illness.  People must learn to cure their own illness and not hope that a teacher will rub them or save them in some way.  First establish your own health.  A lot of people think, the more complicated a practice, the more profound it is.  Actually, the more complicated a practice, the less effective it is.  So if you learn how to harness and use this life energy of nature, to cure illnesses in yourself and others, you’ve really learned something fundamental. You have a stable base from which to go forward.

(Auszug aus einem Interview mit Dr. Pang Ming,  link)


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